By Marc Campos

The Political Rumor, Insider, and Happy Birthday Commentary!

Folks read a newspaper article on politics. They try to read between the lines and see if there is a hidden agenda. Then they talk to other folks and come to a conclusion. They then pass their conclusion along to others. Others take the information and add on their own interpretation and pass it on. It then takes a life of its own - a political rumor is created. That's what happened last week after an article was published about the state of Latino politics in H'Town. The rumor? It's not far fetched, it's not a bad idea, I can understand how it was created, it just isn't true. Publishing the rumor would give certain folks political headaches - sorry.

Remember Insider? We all use to flip through the pages of the Houston Press to check out Insider's latest subject, errr, target. Insider was kind of like a watchdog, kept everyone on their toes. Everybody read Insider. Today, nobody does what Insider used to do. This town needs an Insider. Can't believe this town doesn't have an Insider.

On the day before Marie Colombe Sebastiana (my fifth godchild) was born, one year ago tomorrow, Daily Commentary made its grand debut. A decision was made then to put out a "take" a day on whatever. The marketing plan for Daily Commentary was pretty elaborate - email my buddies and invite them to check it out. Initially, our daily visits were averaging in the single digits. Then folks started exporting Commentary to points unknown. Daily visits today - a lot more than single digits.

Commentary, before Commentary, was usually found on Google page 3 or 4, behind the comic book illustrator/artist. Today, we hold the leadoff position on page 1. As they say, it has been an interesting ride.

How long will Commentary live? At least through the elections of Matt Santos and Laura Salinas - just kidding. As long as I find it interesting. What is interesting? Getting emails from folks I have not heard of in a long time that happened to stumble onto Daily Commentary, feedback and suggestions from readers, and most of all, the reaction to certain Commentaries.

A very special close person in Commentary's life refuses to log on - says person - "Why do I have to go on to the internet to know what you think?'

August 4, 2005, 9:00AM

Daily Commentary

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