By Marc Campos

Uninformed Net Takes and Takes from Last Night

Some of us last night at the Drayton McLane, Jr./James Rodriguez event at The Yard were having a little fun about the internet take out of Austin a couple of days ago on Houston Latino politics. We kind of thought it sounded very much like a nameless spineless person was doing some whining and in fact did not know what was going on in Commentary’s hood. Commentary doesn’t mind folks from the sidelines doing an analysis of our politics, but at least check with folks that know what’s going on in our hood. That’s the problem with stuff that comes out of Austin, often times they don’t bother to check with all the folks to find out the real deal. That’s OK – they’ll find out on Election Day.

Let me give you a for instance. Between Al Luna, Carol Alvarado and myself – all of us supporting James Rodriguez – we have close to 100 years experience working in Houston Latino politics. We ought to know a little bit about what’s going on in our ‘hood. Yet, that is completely discounted because some spineless wonderthud provides a juicy but uninformed take. That’s all I’m going to say about that for now – I think.

Da Bell, My Best Friend and Julie, One of My Best Friends, CMS Brown and Lovell, Pam-In-Charge, Edgar, This Bud’s For You, The Lovely Wendy, Jerome, the HGLBT Chief, and a host of others made it to The Yard last night for one of the coolest events. They had James’ mug on the huge Diamond Vision screen that folks along Highway 59 could check out. Folks got to take their photo at home plate – some even were calling their shots like Babe Ruth. Most folks went on the clubhouse tours. Some even got to be tested for ‘roids – not really. It was a great event and folks had a lot of fun.

Today after work, Commentary is having a farewell gig here at the office for The Young Political Consultant That Works For Commentary. She is actually leaving next week to go get smarter – more on that later. I think I’m starting to miss her already.

The ‘Stros had another grand salami last night. That’s seven on the year that ties a club record. We won in 14 innings. We’re fishing for the next three days and back at The Yard against the Cubbies on Monday – see ya then!

August 3, 2007 9:00AM

Daily Commentary