By Marc Campos

CD 22, Gig'em, Benedict Joe? Flag Wavers

Do you get the feeling that we're going to have Tom DeLay to kick around again? If the courts keep him on the ballot, what kind of campaign does the GOP run in CD 22? Vote for a quitter that says he doesn't live here and says he doesn't want to serve? If his name stays on the ballot, will he come out and say he will serve if elected?

Guv Dude went to an Aggie fish fry yesterday and was endorsed by the Aggie football head coach. Guv Dude told the faithful that the Aggies would beat the Horns this year and would win the college football national championship. Boy, talk about broken campaign promises for sure.

KM Dem From Dallas put out a piece yesterday on Joe Lieberman making out with W. It reminded me of 2000 when Commentary - in a professional capacity - was out trying to derail W in battleground states. That year, there were a lot of Texas Dem elected officials that failed to report for duty because they too liked making out with W. Texas Dems paid the price because a lot of their leaders went AWOL that year. Wonder if Joe will get the firing squad treatment by Connecticut Dems next Tuesday?

Yesterday, thousands of Cuban flags were displayed and waved in parts of the USA. We didn't see the far righties come out to take the wavers to task the way they did when the folks waved the red, white, green, and the bird with the snake this past Spring. I guess it all depends on what side of the Latino railroad tracks you come from.

Speaking of Fidel, have you noticed that no one names their little boys Fidel. In fact, of the top 1000 most popular names in the USA, Fidel ranks #963. Just the facts.

August 2, 2006, 9:00AM

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