By Marc Campos

Race? Did You Say Race?

In 27 days, the whole wide world will watch as the first African American ever nominated for President of a major political party in the U.S. of A. gives his acceptance speech. In living rooms of homes throughout the land, tears of joy will be flowing – including Commentary’s - as we celebrate a monumental event. It will be a truly historic moment for ALL Americans. Meanwhile, the McCain camp is accusing Dems of playing the race card – huh!

The Lone Star State AG filed suit yesterday against Sunmart for ripping off customers at the gas pump. They still haven’t provided us with the names behind Sunmart. I wonder if they are political donors.

Commentary got a little feedback from folks lamenting the fact that local Dems haven’t done a very good job of getting new voters on the rolls. Folks were a bit chagrinned that nobody has taken the lead. I guess maybe the folks in charge think we can win without new voters – I guess.

In its second editorial today, the Chron offers suggestions on where to go to beat the near 100 degree heat – the museums, the theater, and Discovery Green. Hey, how about The Yard which has a good AC system, can easily accomodate 40,000 folks, and you can get a nice cold St. Arnold!

He got his wish. ManRam is now wearing Dodger Blue and the Red Sox aren’t going to win the World Serious this year – I think.

Even though the ‘Stros didn’t make a huge impact trade, we were impacted by other teams. With Xavier Nady (now a Yankee) and Jason Bay (now a Red Sox) out of the Pittsburgh line-up, maybe we can return the hurt on the Pirates in the seven games we have left against them. We won’t have to face Junior (now a White Sox) either in the nine games we have left against the Reds.

We go up against Pedro, errr PAY-DROE like some Commentary readers say, this evening as the Mets come in for three and now we’re fourteen back – OUCH!

August 1, 2008 9:00AM

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