By Marc Campos

GOP Moves and Dem No Moves

The Lone Star State’s GOP’s decision to hire former loser State Rep Talmadge Heflin to run their party is getting a lot of bad press run across Texas. Everybody seems to be piling on. What did they expect? I haven’t heard anybody say it was a good idea. I find it difficult to believe that Guv Dude and The Lite Gov signed off on this deal. So the GOP is making bad moves, meanwhile the Dems aren’t making any moves, at least not that I’ve heard of. I guess no moves are better than dumb moves – I think?

Speaking of, the local Hillary camp sent out a note yesterday announcing another H-Town event on August 11, I think. No word on local activities from the other campaigns, if there are other local campaigns.

Speaking of no moves, I think Commentary is out of the loop so to speak. What is the Lone Star State Dem Party doing to get ready for 2008? I thought the fella that ran said things were going to happen. Remember when he said that he was going to work to energize the base. Heck, we wuz fooled again. Commentary said it back then that it was the same bunch wanting to stay in control. I think I wuz right – I think. I think I win this argument for now.

During the next homestand at The Yard, they will have a “Faith and Family Night.” I wonder what kind of bobbleheads they will give away. Hey, in the last 2 games, the ‘Stros have scored 15 runs. Of course, the bad guys have scored 30 – yikes! 56 games left and counting.

August 1, 2007 9:00AM

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