By Marc Campos

Dirty Talk, Yard Cars, Mel's Mouth, No Deals

From the I know you're probably not supposed to address this department: The GOP's candidate for State Comptroller published a steamy romance novel 16 years ago and her Dem opponent is making a big deal of this. If these two ever are in a debate together and in person, I'll give props to the moderator if he asks her the obvious - do you talk dirty in the sack ...awwwww!

The Houston City Council is fixing to hold hearings on the issue of folks parking their cars on their front lawn. Remember the Don Cheadle line from "Crash" about how Latinos came up with the idea of parking their cars in their front yards? It's a rap we have. I don't know if we are deserving of this rap. Has anyone done polling on this? Well, the city is now going to explore the idea of handing out citations to folks for leaving their cars parked in their front yards. The hearings ought to be interested. I bet folks that park their cars in their front yards don't show up to the hearings.

I don't go to Tom Cruise flicks, now add Mel Gibson's flicks to the list. I'm glad I never saw the last one about the passion - it did not interest me. Mad Max has got a real big problem. I don't know if he can even be helped.

Well, the 'Stros didn't make a move yesterday - no deals, no trades. We gotta make our run with what we have. Drayton and Tim are telling Scrap Iron and the team, do it with what you have. I'm cool with this. I'm not ready to throw in the towel because I think these guys are capable of playing a lot better. Roy O. has his feeling hurt because he supposedly was on the trading block. Grow up Roy O., this is a major league business. Hall of Famer Greg Maddux didn't mind getting sent from the Cubs to the Dodgers. Maybe Brad Lidge can get his head together now that he knows that management was trying to get rid of him. Ensberg and Everett too. One thing is for sure, the underachievers on this team now know that Drayton ain't too happy with a 49 and 56 record. Maybe this will kick start another wild and wacky finish.

August 1, 2006, 9:00AM

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