By Marc Campos

Flu Matters And “CDC Joe”

Commentary got called out on my take a couple of days ago on the flu bug. Here’s what was said from MS in Austin:

“Mr. Campos, I read your commentary on a regular basis and have always enjoyed it. However, your comment about Mexico giving us the flu bug was a little out of line.

“I have dual citizenship in the U.S. and Mexico, and I regularly travel there. I can think of 100s of inventions, products & ideas that Mexicans have brought to the world…not just this flu bug.

“Please don’t jump on the gringos’ bandwagon about how dangerous Mexico has become now that this disease is showing itself. Instead of pointing the fingers, shifting blame, declaring war, etc. we should all work together to help each other get through this & find a cure. You know, like democrats. Your comment almost makes you sound like a Republican…ala Rush.

“As a latino journalist, and someone who posts a blog that gets viewed by many people in Houston & Texas, please be careful not to fan the flames of alarm over this outbreak.”

Ok, MS makes a good point. Of course, I don't think I come near Rushisms.

VP Biden just said on the tube that he would not advise his family to get on buses, trains or airliners or go to Mexico. The VP went further than what the CDC is advising. An airline spokesperson was kind of upset at the VP’s remarks. The VP’s Office just put out a clarification statement kind of backtracking on what the VP advised. Commentary now hears that the White House is considering putting the VP’s piehole in quarantine in an undisclosed location until this flu stuff blows over.

All UIL activities in the Lone Star State like sports, debate, band and choir tournaments are also on hold. Fort Worth and Cleburne schools are closed. HISD has closed two schools – Harvard Elementary and Hamilton Middle – both a few blocks from Commentary’s place – that’s not good.

In today’s Chron Sports Section, Pam-In-Charge says they are monitoring events. The ‘Stros will be back at The Yard on May 6. Instead of considering postponing the game, they ought to give out those masks with the ‘Stros logo to all fans. On May 6 we also play the Cubbies – great. Remember when we had to move the two Ike Games to Milwaukee versus the Cubbies. Maybe this time we ought to talk to the idiot MLB Commish and just have him move the season back so we can make up the games if needed.

After the first two days of Early Voting in the H-Town City Council District H Special Election, 14 voters Downtown, 139 at Moody Park, and 23 at Ripley House.

The ‘Stros didn’t do so hot last night. We went 9-13 in the month of April. The Chron predicted we would be 11-11 – aw shucks! We take the day off then start three tomorrow evening in the ATL.

April 30, 2009 9:00AM

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