By Marc Campos

The 100th Day!

And on The President’s 99th Day, he snatched up a GOP U.S. Senator.

This certainly explains Guv Dude’s behavior. If you want to ward off potential politically life threatening opponents within the GOP, you have move to the farthest right. Arlen didn’t have the stomach so he came over from the dark side.

The VP was in H-Town yesterday and he says in today’s Chron that he helped persuade Arlen to switch. Maybe so, but I’m going to give the credit to Dude. I’m sure Arlen looked at how Dude was treating Hutch – calling her “bailout” and stuff like that and wanted no part.

Commentary doesn’t think Hutch will resign to run anytime soon because she’s not controlling the Guv’s race agenda right now – Dude is. If she resigns, Dude will attack her unmercifully for quitting the fight against The President. Plus, she needs to stay in office to cast anti The President votes and build up her far right street cred. Heck, we may not have us a U.S. Senate race until 2012. Stay tuned!

On the 100th Day, Commentary will join the crowd and also give The President a grade – an A++ or 110%. He gets great marks for helping turn around the confidence of the folks in the U.S. of A., for immediately working to clean up a king size mess he inherited, for attacking problems, for being accessible to the media, for taking a different and refreshing approach with our allies and not so allies, for reaching out to the GOP, for having Beyonce sing inuagural dance, and for keeping the GOP in disarray. He also gets extra credit and bonus points for snatching up a GOP U.S. Senator.

Yesterday the UH President announced a search committee to find a new Athletic Director. UH Regent and Gene Locke Campaign Treasurer Jacob Monty is one of the search committee members. I wonder if Jacob will push for a union free Athletic Department.

Evenings are so much more pleasant when you can sit in your pad, working on stuff, having a nice meal, sipping on an adult beverage or two, and watching the ‘Stros win another thanks to Wandy, Ivan, Matsui, and Numero 45 as we wrap up the series tonight in Cinncy.

April 29, 2009 9:00AM

Daily Commentary