By Marc Campos

The 99th Day

Somebody needs to go on ahead and tell Guv Dude that he can claim the crown as being the leader of the right wing wacko caucus against a very popular President. It wouldn’t surprise Commentary if the CDC quarantined our arses in the Lone Star State based on what is coming out of Dude’s piehole.

On the first day of Early Voting in the H-Town City Council District H Special Election, 9 voters showed up Downtown, 81 at Moody Park, and 11 at Ripley House – interesting.

From today’s Star Telegram on the state of newspaper circulation numbers:

“Among the nation’s 10 biggest newspapers, only News Corp.’s Wall Street Journal gained circulation. Gannett’s USA Today, the largest U.S. newspaper, lost 7.5 percent, and the New York Post reported the biggest slump with 21 percent.

“All major Texas newspapers declined, but the Star-Telegram’s rate of loss was not as steep as others. The Fort Worth newspaper recorded an 8.5 percent drop in Monday-Friday circulation and a 3.7 percent drop on Sundays.

“That compared with 9.9 percent and 8.7 percent, respectively, at the Dallas Morning News; 13.9 percent and 7.8 percent at the Houston Chronicle; 14.4 percent and 3.9 percent at the San Antonio Express-News; and 10.3 percent for both categories at the Austin American-Statesman.”

There wasn’t a mention on what the paper looks like these days or how heavy it weighs. It used to be I could whack a cockroach in one swat with the front section. Now I have to collect three days worth of newspapers just to stand a chance against a roach.

I don’t think this is what we had in mind when we were promoting NAFTA back in 1992. We get illegal drugs from Mexico. They get a lot of of our disposable income. They get their guns from us. We get their flu bug. I don’t know about that.

MariGirl gave Commentary some depressing news yesterday. Man, I’m, bummed out. She was at the ‘Stros game Saturday night and saw a fella with a ‘Stros tattoo. She thought it was kind of cool until she was told that it was a gang tattoo – huh! She checked it out and found this local news story about a gang sub-group – “its member from Houston often tattoo themselves with the Astros logo and an area code. They call themselves Houstone.” Come on! There are a kazillion images out there and they have to go out and mess with one of the most sacred.

According to the ‘Stros Team Notes that get delivered to my doorstep, Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez needs just thirty five games behind the plate to become the all time leader in games caught. The way I figure, he will set the new record during the June homestand versus the Rockies, Pirates or Cubbies.

Speaking of, the 'Stros were considering have Guv Dude throw out a first pitch baseball at a future 'Stros game. They withdrew their offer though when Dude insisting on throwing out something more appropriate to appease his right wing base. The 'Stros said sorry, they have a polticy of Rawlings circa 1887 plus not Stones B.C. something.

Roy O looked good last night, so did The Big Puma, and so did Hunter Pence as we pulled one off and it is game two tonight in Cinncy.

April 28, 2009 9:00AM

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