By Marc Campos

The Sunday Night Sermon and “OMFG”

“Maw” fellow Americans, I wonder if anybody is going to “esk” Teddy Kennedy if he saw Obama’s Preacher’s Sunday Night Sermon. Commentary thinks Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s speech last night to the Detroit NAACP that was carried by CNN was eye opening and thought provoking. It also had an in your face tone that I didn’t think was necessary. It is pretty clear to me that Rev. Wright isn’t going to get off of the stage anytime soon.

DNC Chair Howard Dean predicted yesterday that the Florida and Michigan delegations would be seated at the Democratic National Convention in Denver. Yeah – sure! They just won’t get to participate in any meaningful roll call votes.

Now that it looks like every Dem in America is going to get to participate in the 2008 Dem Prez sweepstakes, don’t be surprised that after it is all over, folks start asking why should New Hampshire, Iowa, South Carolina and Nevada always get the old special treatment. Why should they be given a ticket to every Dem Prez sweepstake while folks like us in the Lone Star State maybe get to play every 16 to 20 years?

Then there are those (you know the kind that think they are smarter than the rest of us) that say the Dem Prez sweepstakes has gone on way too long. One Pulitzer Prize winning columnist says today we are in “overtime” – huh! I have a couple of ‘Stros schedules hanging in my office. The schedule says that our last game is September 28 against the Braves. Then we have play-offs and a World Serious. The DNC schedule says the last primary is June 7 in Puerto Rico. Then we have a National Convention.

Of the Lone Star State’s 32 Super Duper Dem Delegates, best Commentary can figure there are 14 Anglos, 11 Latinos/Latinas, and 7 African Americans – best I can figure.

Commentary sides with Obama and agrees that we don’t need anymore debates. Everybody knows that Hillary would win the debate anyway. It is just another venue where a gaffe can be made and used against either one of them in November.

In today’s Chron there is a story on the H-Town Latino vote with a couple of takes from Commentary. Check it out .

Tell that to the Ohio Milling and Farming Group because that what comes up first when you google OMFG. OMFG is causing a little stir because it is being used to promote some high school TV show that has a lot of making out and stuff. In text messaging lingo, OMFG is oh my (F Bombing) God! I didn’t know that until yesterday. The only text messaging lingo I know is LOL and U and R and UR and K and the XO deal – I hardly ever use them though.

Speaking of, somebody needs to kick the arse of Hannah Montana’s Dad.

Both benches emptied twice this past weekend up in the STL. It seems like the ‘Stros and the Cards went after each other with pitches that were a little too inside. It was kind of fun and interesting too watch. Brandon Backe and Brad Ausmus led our contingent. Adam Wainwright and Yadier Molina led the Cards. Nobody was ejected from the game though. I think the ‘Stros spent too much time arguing with the Cards and got off of their game.

Kaz Matsui is on Commentary’s list for the least likely ‘Stro to get ejected. When he argues a call with an ump, how will an ump know if Kaz dropped some F bombs or talked about his sister since Kaz speaks Japanese and limited English?

April 28, 2008 9:00AM

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