By Marc Campos

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The current immigration debate is really getting to those on the wrong side. They get upset at the red, white and green with the bird holding the snake. They don't like it that Latino kids walk out of schools, even though they don't want to adequately fund our schools. They don't like it that some Latino artists have their own version of our national anthem. They don't like the Houston Press cover that had Old Glory in south of the border colors. They're cracking on "A Day Without Immigrants." Does the wrong side have anything positive to contribute to this debate? Wonder if Matt Santos is going to work next Monday?

Lauren Trotter gets props today. Who's Lauren Trotter? Maybe a future editorial cartoonist? Trotter is a student at Houston's Westside High School and one of the winners of the Chron's High School Editorial Cartoon contest. On the back page of today's Biz Section, Trotter depicts W as a "Weapon of Mass Destruction." Wonder if Trotter knows the brother of The Young Political Consultant who teaches at Westside. The teacher is one heck of a lib.

Vince Young is in New York waiting on the draft. This morning he was sitting by Katie on "The Today Show." Shakira (sizzle) was also on the show. Wonder if Shakira got Vince's John Hancock? A question to Houston football fans - Who's going to Disney World first, Vince Young or David Carr? Titan or Raider?

Delmon Young is an a__hole. Who's Delmon? A hot prospect in the Tampa Bay farm system (Durham Bulls) that I hope never gets to the bigs. You see, Delmon flipped a baseball bat at an umpire. He was indefinitely suspended. Last year he bumped an ump with his body. Now he's saying he's sorry. Yeah, cause his agent probably told him he's fixing to kiss off millions of buckos. Major League Baseball doesn't need a hothead like Delmon.

From the You Gotta Be Kidding Department: The GOP Senate Leader wants to give out $100 to folks to help ease the pain at the pump. How does one determine who is eligible for $100? By having a drivers license? What if you have a license but don't have a car? This idea is from the fella that wants to be president - no thanks.

Time Magazine says "United 93" is "Unmissable." I am sure it will make us all shed tears. I plan to see it this weekend.

April 28, 2006, 9:00AM

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