By Marc Campos

Saturday’s Census Meeting and 98 Days

Commentary is hoping that local Latino activists, organizations and leaders make every attempt to attend the City of H-Town’s Census Meeting this Saturday, May 2 at the George R. Brown Convention Center at 1 pm. The meeting is being called by CM James Rodriguez and The Mayor. The Latino community across the U.S. of A. is always undercounted during the census due in large part to distrust of government by Latinos. It is the hope of CM Rodriguez that we can get the entire Latino community engaged in the coming months to help make the community aware that participating in the 2010 Census is good for the entire Latino community.

We are into The President’s 98th Day and aren’t you glad that 43 and Little Dick Cheney aren’t in charge of dealing with this flu mess. Heck, Mexico City would have already been bombed. We are into The President’s 98th Day and despite the current economic woes we can still find humor in watching Rush Lite, errr Guv Dude turn into the equivalent of the U.S. of A.’s political court jester. We are into The President’s 98th Day and Commentary is thankful for NASA, The Medical Center, Dell Computers, Whataburger, the ‘Stros, Cowboys, Mavericks, Rangers, UT, A&M, UH, Tech, Rice, Texans, Rockets, Stars, The Alamo, The Riverwalk, The Yard, and all the other good stuff in the Lone Star State that folks across the U.S. of A. know about so they don’t think we are all like the buffoonish Dude.

Commentary got ragged by a few Commentary fans watching the game on the tube Saturday night for not snagging a foul ball that the Brewers’ Corey Hart ended up catching for an out. If I had, I would have probably been called for fan interference and had my arse escorted out of The Yard. It probably would have been double uncool since Pam-In-Charge had just come down to check on Commentary and was sitting right next to me.

If you caught yesterday’s ‘Stros game on the tube you probably saw Commentary’s and Dante’s mug. We were sitting in 41’s and his wife’s seats. I think they told them to stay home since they weren’t helping the team’s karma in the victory column. If you can read lips, you probably figured that Commentary and Dante were talking about the ‘Stros and how to get Early Votes for Yolanda Navarro Flores in the H-Town City Council District H Special Election. Early Voting starts today and Commentary and Dante will be heading out to Moody Park to cast our ballots. Oh yeah, the ‘Stros won yesterday and that was Sister Syl and Grandpa Mike sitting behind us as we open a three game series tonight in Cinncy.

April 27, 2009 9:00AM

Daily Commentary