By Marc Campos

Local Dems Should Vote

Ok Houston Dems, if you want satisfaction, get off of your arses and go cast a vote for Melissa Noriega this Monday when early voting commences. There are absolutely no excuses for staying home period. Tell your family, friends and co-workers to head to the polls so we can send a clear message that the local GOP has surrendered here in H-Town and maybe folks in Austin and DC will take notice and start sending some resources here to prepare for 2008.

Every Dem activist needs to get off her/his arse and take ten folks to the polls during early voting. Heck, Im even going o figure out a way to get Dante to cast a ballot and he dont even have a stinking photo ID. Heck, Im even going to figure out a way to cast a few ballots for James Rodriguez kind of like an investment for the future.

Dave from Austin sent me a note today to tell me to be patient and not call for Hunter Pence of Von Ryans Express who the Astros need pretty bad. Dave wants Hunter to stay in Round Rock huh! Psst, Dave, hey Dave you guys are only renting Hunter. Were 9 and 12, 4 games out, have lost 6 straight were hurting.

Hey, if Numero 45 or any Astro hits the CITGO sign tonight, CITGO will give a million buckos to charity. Hey, if any Astro gets a hit tonight, Commentary will buy himself an extra St. Arnolds. Roy O. pitches tonight, so we got a chance.

The great Roger Hornsby, who once batted .424 the best ever in a season was born 111 years ago today hes not with us any more. Hornsby had 2,930 career base hits. Craig Biggio has 2,951. See you at the yard!

April 27, 2007 9:00AM

Daily Commentary