By Marc Campos

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In today's Chron, one of the sports columnists says of the Houston Texan honchos - "the smartest football minds in this city" - I don't think so. My vote goes to the Chron's "General." Early on, the "General" said to pick Vince.

You see, when it comes to basketball, I'll let Les and CD do the talking - they've won NBA championships. When it comes to baseball, well, Drayton, Tim and Scrap Iron have they've taken us to the World Series. Those fellas over on Kirby Drive haven't taken us anywhere. With all due respect to the new head coach, he has gone to a few Super Bowls, but he had John Elway, Terrell Davis and Mike Shanahan helping him out.

I want to know how come they send out Charlie Casserly to give us the bad news? Why didn't the owner or the new head coach tell us that Vince wasn't the man? What's wrong with making David Carr actually fight for his job - he's never had to? The thought of Vince playing for Bud Adams - well, you get the picture. By the way, check out the two pages that "Mattress Mack" bought in today's Chron sports section - pretty awesome.

You know this could be a special Astros season when Lefty is letting Scrap Iron know that he should have been the one to pinch hit the night before last. In that 14 inning game Tuesday night, Scrap Iron called on Roy O. to pinch hit for one of our new pitchers - we were out of regular players. A rightie was pitching, so Lefty, errrr, a lefty, thought he should have gotten the nod - Roy O. is a rightie. You gotta love it when a pitcher is complaining about wanting to pinch hit. Hey, we're 15 and 6.

Speaking of baseball, if Latino ballplayers were to participate in this Monday's National Boycott, we might not have baseball/beisbol for a day. OK, we probably could, but it would not be as interesting. It would be nice if Albert Pujols would take his boycott days next Wednesday and Thursday when the Cards visit the yard.

Kenny Boy is still on the stand. I'm wondering, if Kenny Boy and Jeffy Boy are found not guilty, does that mean that the Enron Task Force was a waste of time and money?

April 27, 2006, 9:00AM

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