By Marc Campos

Well, It's One Of Those Votes

Dems know it is a piece of cr_p - HJR 6, the Warren Chisum (real far right R) sponsored constitutional amendment to ban same sex marriages. 101 votes for (100 votes were needed), 29 votes against, 8 abstained - that's 138 total, that means 12 MIAs.

It is one of those votes where the Dem Party will give you an excuse slip for not voting against a measure that pretty much guarantees us "meanest state in the land of the free" status. They call it the "value" thing. They got "values" and we don't? Isn't respect a "value?"

This is one instance where the Party of tolerance will "tolerate" those Dems that got the excuse slip. A Dem legislator voting to ban gays and lesbians from being foster parents invites zingers from Dem activists. Voting to ban same sex marriages won't. So a key constituent group of the Dem Party gets rolled. Which Dem Party constituent group is next?

April 26, 2005, 9:00AM

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