By Marc Campos

First Things, Gas Strategy, Lights Out

Ricky Ledee's in town and I wonder if he wandered over to the federal courthouse. You see Kenny Boy, who is on the stand today, threw out the first pitch when the yard first opened in 2000 - called Enron back then. Ricky Ledee? Well, as a Yankee in 2000, Ledee hit the first homerun when the Yankees played the 'Stros in the inaugural game. Ledee is now a Dodger and LA is in town this week to play the 'Stros. Wonder if Kenny Boy still has the baseball he threw out? Wonder how much he could get on eBay for the ball?

Remember when I talked about the Dems not having a plan? Well, we got a plan - sort of. Gasoline prices. Apparently our plan is to go after the GOPers because they haven't done anything to keep gasoline prices lower. In order to benefit electorally from this strategy, we have to be paying $3 a gallon for the next six months - that's when we get to vote. I guess that's why they say "no pain, no gain." We better have a plan to give our voters rides to the polls.

Lights Out Lidge got lit up last night. It wasn't pretty. Nomar went yard last night with the bases loaded in the top of the ninth. Guess Nomar had to impress his lovely that was at the game last night, you know, the member of America's soccer team that won the World Cup a few years ago - they're married. Nomar still has game.

April 25, 2006, 9:00AM

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