By Marc Campos

Frosty Idea

Former Cong. Martin Frost penned a piece on “The Politico” a few days ago touting the idea of Tom Schieffer for Guv of the Lone Star State. CEWDEM passed it around yesterday. Check it out. Oh brother! Schieffer is probably a nice fella, but come one – can you get excited about his candidacy. If you can’t, you think the Dem base will.

If Guv Dude ends up being the GOP nominee, he will certainly be vulnerable, but we are still going to have to excite voters of color, particularly Latino voters, in order to win. I’m sorry, but I don’t think Tom Schieffer will excite voters in my ‘hood. His claim to fame these days is that he’s real tight with 43 and was one of his appointees.

In the race for U.S. Senate, some folks can get excited about John Sharp and some folks can get excited about the H-Town Mayor because they’ve worked with them and seen them in action in the trenches. Last year, some of us were inspired by Hillary and some of us were inspired by The President because we knew who they were and had seen them in action.

There is absolutely nothing about a Tom Schieffer candidacy that intrigues, excites, or interests Commentary. Just because former Cong. Frost says it might be a good idea doesn’t make it a good idea. The notion that only a “moderate” Dem can win in the Lone Star State needs rethinking. All it means is that you either have to be a White Dem Male 50 years plus or have to run “GOP Lite” which also means that the base doesn’t get excited. Haven’t we learned?

Commentary said it the other day and I’ll say it again today, a Latina or Latino Dem with past Party involvement should step forward to lead the ticket.

Regarding the Play Green Lids that were made from “100% PET MATERIAL”, Serge said: “Were those made of 100% Pet of the Month material? If so, Playboy or Penthouse and what month/year?” It is good to know that Serge isn’t into girlie magazines because girlie magazine browsers know that “Playboy” has playmates not pets.

We lost to the Dodgers last night but still came away with the series win as we host the Brewers for three this weekend.

April 24, 2009 9:00AM

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