By Marc Campos

Say Queso!

The Texas GOP and the politics of hate Ė when will they learn? Now they want voters to have picture IDs. Thatís their way of scaring off Latino and African American voters on Election Day. Why donít they try putting forward a positive or constructive idea for a change? Like I said last week, the GOP has given up on the Latino vote Ė thatís cool with me.

From the donít you have better things to do department, entertainer Sheryl Crow wasted her time the other day trying to argue with Wí s Brain. Six years later, you think Wís Brain gives a ratís arse what Sheryl Crow or Commentary think. Sheryl Crow would be better off spending her time getting future Dems like Latinos registered to vote.

My friend Cin wants to know why I always take it easy on the Astros. I told her Drayton, Tim and Pam-In-Charge care what we Ė the fans - think. They donít treat us like morons. Do you think if Vince was a top baseball player Drayton would have passed on him? I donít need to say anything else about this.

Did I tell you that the Astros stunk up the joint last night against the Phillies?

April 24, 2007 9:00AM

Daily Commentary