By Marc Campos

Shelley's Quest, Holly & Vince, Matt & Arnie

Houston At-Large City Council Member Shelley Sekula-Gibbs is working hard to be named the GOP nominee for Congress in District 22 - the DeLay seat. If she gets it and if she wins in November, the City of Houston would have to have a special election to replace her on council - that's the law. Not many folks would turn out - 5% maybe - in a special election to elect an at-large member of council. Favorites in a special - well, you would have to include Jay Aiyer who just ran and barely lost a citywide race. How about one of the current District Council members? Why would they want to run citywide? FYI: Commentary consulted on Jay's campaign early on.

Props go to "Holly F." for buying a full page ad in yesterday's Chron sports page urging fans to tell the Houston Texans to do the right thing and pick Vince Young this Saturday. She has a great line directed at the Texans' owner - "For the rest of your life, people will be talking about your decision." Yikes! Buying a full page ads cost a lot of $$$. How come Holly F. (whoever Holly F. is) didn't print her last name. I'm not going to dismiss the idea that maybe the Chron made it all up just to create a little draft controversy this week. Hmmmm.

We kind of got a hint last night that Matt Santos might pick Arnie Vinnick as his VP. I've heard that Matt's bringing Arnie to Houston this week to check out a Dodger/'Stros game at the yard - see, Vinnick is a big Dodger fan, he represents California. They'll probably sit with my buddy Drayton. While in town they will probably go with one of my best friends and the state senator to visit Milby High. They will then visit seniors in Denver Harbor where the ladies will pinch Matt's face cheeks. Then they will go have lunch at Merida on Navigation. J-Long will then give them a tour of the port.

Speaking of the yard, I snagged foul ball numero dos Friday night - gave it to My Buddy - again. What about Taylor Buchholz? The Astro rookie had a one hitter going with one out to go. Then Eric Bruntlett muffed a game ending ground ball. Maybe Taylor and Wandy are the real deals - just maybe.

April 24, 2006, 9:00AM

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