By Marc Campos

Breakfast Bucks

TIt turns out local Dems have to plunk down $500 to hear how the Dem folks in Dallas County won at the Breakthrough Breakfast next month. I guess local grass roots Dems will get to hear about it second hand. Commentary will try to sneak in and let folks know later. It better be an all you can eat deal.

Speaking of Dems, CEWDEM sent out a piece on Senator Cornyn’s poll numbers. If Cornyn is supposedly in trouble, how come there aren’t any Texas Dems running yet? How come big shot Dems in D.C. haven’t targeted Texas? Where’s the strategy? Where’s the beef?

Commentary went to check out Jimmy Buffett Saturday night at the yard. I saw about 8 kazillion Hawaiian shirts. It was a perfect evening for Parrotheads. The stage was in deep center field on Tal’s Hill. Nice weather, open roof – you get the picture. Sorry, Reliant and Toyota Center, I don’t think your venue could have created Saturday night’s magic. Eight thousand Parrotheads on the field, they were even selling brewskies from the dugouts. Props go to Pam-In-Charge, Jay and the yard crew for making sure the Parrotheads had a great time. Buffett even played My Brown Eyed Girl – cool.

Speaking of the Astros, three weeks into the season and Lance Berkman is only batting a paltry .207. Brad Lidge has a 10.13 ERA, has lost his job and we’re only a game and a half out of first place – not bad.

April 23, 2007 9:00AM

Daily Commentary