By Marc Campos

Fright Wingers, Earth Day And Play Green

Guv Dude, the Lite Guv, and other GOP statewide elected will have a closed door meeting today with some Fright Wing, err Right Wing clergy today up in Austin. We all know nothing good is going to come out of that meeting. If you ask me, I prefer that it be closed door. Why do we want to read about anti choice, anti paperless folks, anti global warming, anti The President, pro water boarding, and pro secession stuff? Speaking of, one of these days Earth Day in the U.S. of A. will get bipartisan recognition and participation.

Commentary is OK with the fact that the water boarders aren’t off the hook yet.

The ‘Stros have a half page ad in today’s Chron sports section celebrating Earth Day. The “Play Green” campaign is being launched today even though the ‘Stros are already one of H-Town’s all around leaders on going green. I don’t think there is any other prop sports franchises that comes close to the ‘Stros on playing green. All the 'Stros players tonight will wear green lids. The first 10,000 fans tonight will get green lids made out of recycled materials. They will have a bunch of Earth friendly vendors showing off their stuff before the game. METRO riders get half off for tonight’s ticket to the game. The team is also using recycled pitchers like Mike Hampton and Russ Ortiz and so far they are doing A-OK.

ManRam had a mammoth dinger last night to put him at 1,735 career RBIs and passing Honus Wagner for 18th on the all time list. It still wasn’t enough as Play Green Valley held on for the win last night and Roy O goes tonight.

April 22, 2009 9:00AM

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