By Marc Campos

Ready For Prime Time

Give San Antonio mayoral candidate Julian Castro his props while his opponents helplessly watch. By now, we all know the story about the mistaken twin (his brother Joaquin) on the San Antonio river barge during the annual Fiesta parade. The mayoral candidate has now made all the national news programs and live appearances on most of the national morning programs like the "Today Show".

Julian is a San Antonio city council member and Joaquin is a Texas state legislator. The Castro twins are in their early 30s.

Julian's opponents are trying claim that the barge incident is proof that Julian is not ready for prime time. Sorry guys, this is not a scandal. No kickbacks, no resume fudging, no undisclosed arrest record, no bad judgment. The opponents are saying that this is proof that Julian is too immature to be mayor. Sorry again guys. Julian looked pretty steady and mature on the "Today Show" this morning. There was even a hint of charisma and panache.

Nobody was hurt in the barge incident. No jobs were lost. The city's image was not tarnished. In fact, Fiesta and the city received national media run and there is nothing wrong with light hearted humor being injected into a mayoral campaign.

Political consultants welcome this kind of publicity for their client just days before an election, while the opposition is left to try to make it look like something it is not - good luck. Just think for a moment - which San Antonio mayoral campaign headquarters has the most energy in it this morning?

FYI: Commentary has volunteered on behalf of the Julian Castro for Mayor Campaign.

April 22, 2005, 9:00AM

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