By Marc Campos

Pageant Casualty

Apparently, the Miss USA Beauty Pageant was decided this weekend by a same sex marriage question. Miss California said that she didn’t support same sex marriages and that was enough to deny her the Miss USA crown. I don’t have a problem with that. One of the judges, a gay fella named Perez Hilton that I had never heard of, said that he gave Miss California low grades because he didn’t want her to represent us – huh? Where is she supposed to represent us at? I’m sorry but beauty queens don’t represent Commentary – period!

Speaking of, Guv Dude is not having a good session. The Texas Senate ran over his arse on the stimulus funds yesterday. Commentary doesn’t really think that Dude is capable of providing any kind of leadership these days.

Let’s see now, a front page story in today’s Chron says that The President isn’t in too much of a hurry to try to get a ban on assault weapons while another story in the Chron is about the new Harris County Dem Sheriff wanting to use stimulus money to buy eight machine guns for the four Sheriff Department patrol boats. I guess we have to be ready to ward off Somali pirates on Buffalo Bayou or on Black Duck Bay.

Commentary dropped by the Baseball Luncheon yesterday as a guest of Fulbright. They had a raffle for autographed baseballs and the question of penmanship was brought up when Milo couldn’t figure out whose John Hancock was on the balls. Which reminded me of Sunday’s game where they handed out team wall calendars. After the game, Dante and I scooped up some calendars that folks left behind and we found one with two autographs – Brandon Backe’s and one we couldn’t figure out.

According to my Astros Game Notes, three ‘Stros starters are former 20 game winners - Mike Hampton, Roy O, and Russ Ortiz.

Before last night’s game, Commentary was chatting with ‘Stros VP Rosi Hernandez when the food service folks asked if we would do a food tasting of The Yard’s latest from Goya – the Goya Latin Nachos and the Tamale Plate. That was the first time I have ever had tamales at any Yard – very delicious.

Speaking of Latinos, the ‘Stros have put a team together that should certainly appeal to Latinos. We have a lot to support at The Yard. We have Pudge Rodriguez, Joe Green Valley - Jose Valverde, Wandy Rodriguez, Miguel Tejada, and Numero 45 - Carlos Lee. Cecil Puede for sure.

Commentary got home from the game last night just in time to check out the end of the Channel 11 newscast that had a small piece on Commentary snagging three foul balls – thanks to Dougie. We are now four and nine and four games out as we search for timely hitting. Commentary will take a sharpie with me to the game tonight expecting to sign foul balls from fans that saw me on the tube last night as ManRam, Bard Ausmus and the Dodgers come in for three.

April 21, 2009 9:00AM

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