By Marc Campos

Let’s Keep Voting

It seems like every time columnists or Dem activists open up their pieholes to tell Hillary to give it up, the voters respond by saying not so fast. In 2008, it looks like the remaining Dem primary states, Puerto Rico and the 260 or so Uncommitted Super Duper Dem Delegates are going to be the deciders. There isn’t a national Dem leader out there that can step in and say that it’s over – not Gore, Edwards, Carter – nobody. Commentary also thinks it is a bit disingenuous for Dem activists from states that have already voted to tell our fellow Dem voters from Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Indiana, and elsewhere their vote shouldn’t matter. If Hillary wins tomorrow in PA after being outspent there 2 to 1 – what does that say?

Commentary is hearing some rumblings that some of H-Town’s Latino leaders are a bit concerned about the lack of progress on getting a deal done on the Downtown soccer stadium. Let’s hope it is not an issue of priorities. Stay tuned.

Commentary snagged Foul Ball #2 – hit by Kaz Matusi - with my lid Saturday night and I gave it to a kid. Yesterday, Commentary snagged FB #3 with my lid again and gave it to Dante. Speaking of, Matsui is the real deal. At The Yard yesterday, they gave out Kaz T-shirts to all the kids then Matsui had the game winning hit. Commentary watched Brad Lidge last night on ESPN. He got into the game in the 9th inning and was lights out. He hasn’t given up a run this year – go figure.

April 21, 2008 9:00AM

Daily Commentary