By Marc Campos

What Did You Expect, Running Far Right, Remember The Alamo

From the "What Did You Expect Department". According to news reports, Houston State Representative Sylvester Turner (D) voted in support of banning gays from becoming foster parents. The vote occurred Tuesday on the floor of the Texas House of Representatives. If the news reports are correct, Turner joins Representative Al "Give Me My Statue" Edwards as the only Democrats from Harris County to support the ban.

Commentary has not been able to locate any news report that has Turner explaining his vote. Turner, the House Speaker Pro Tem, has been a staunch advocate of gay and lesbian rights throughout his legislative career. In fact, he took that record to the Houston Gay and Lesbian Caucus mayoral endorsement meeting in 2003 during his campaign for Mayor of the City of Houston. The Gay and Lesbian Caucus told Sly - "Thanks for all your efforts on our behalf, but we're going to endorse Bill White for Mayor". Many local political observers privately mused that the Gay and Lesbian Caucus might have erred in turning their back on one of their legislative supporters.

Commentary does not have all the facts, but we are left to wonder if 2003 came into play this past Tuesday. FYI: As previously reported, Turner has been a Commentary client.

Run right, run right. In today's Chron, there is a story about the possibility that Houston GOP State Senator Jon Lindsay (Senate District 7) may not be running for reelection. The article is accompanied with a pic of his dog "Reagan" - we assume that's the dog's name because Rs are tripping all over themselves nowadays finding things to name after the late Pres Ronald Reagan like highways, parks, driveways, boat slips, etc.. A pic playing with a dog does not conjure up images of preparing to run for reelection.

A race to replace Lindsay will be a mad dash to the right. No health care for undocumented immigrants. Armed drones to patrol the border with Mexico. Arm all Republican precinct judges on Election Day. English only spoken at all taquerias. Ban the term "sex education" in any publication sold in Texas.

Houston City Council Member Mark Ellis - an R - is considering making the run. A number of Texas House Reps are also expected to jump in. Ellis will have the toughest time. Ellis has not had the opportunity to establish a hard right record like state house members. He's also worked closely with Bill White - and far right Rs will make the Ellis/White relationship an issue. Ellis will be helped out if Kay Bailey Hutchison moderates come out to vote in the GOP primary. Looking forward to the upcoming R rated movie trailers on the SD 7 race.

Today is San Jacinto Day. Commentary grew up in Baytown, right next to the San Jacinto Battleground - how come ours is a battleground and others are battlefields? In our school district, the elementary schools were named after "Texas heroes" like Davy Crockett, William Barrett Travis, Stephen F. Austin, Anson Jones, Sam Houston, and Jim Bowie. My elementary school, the one that had an all Latino (we were called Latin Americans in those days) student population, was named after Lorenzo De Zavala. Who's Lorenzo De Zavala? When I went to junior high (middle school today), the Anglos kids asked me who in the heck was De Zavala - a funeral home owner? - a Mexican restaurant owner? Nope. In 1836, dude was elected Vice President ad interim of the Republic of Texas. Go DeLo!

April 21, 2005, 9:00AM

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