By Marc Campos

A Latino/Latina Guv And Guv Dangerfield?

If all Lone Star State Dems have is a choice between The Kinkhole and 43’s buddy for Governor, I’m thinking a credible Latina or Latino candidate might want to step forward and make a run. A Latino or Latina with a healthy resume of Dem Party involvement would have a leg up in getting support from Dem activists across the state. They wouldn’t have to dodge questions about what they think of 43 or what kind of shoe polish they run through their hair. This is an opportunity that the state’s Latino and Latina Dem leadership ought to be thinking about seizing.

It looks like Guv Dude got the Rodney Dangerfield treatment this past weekend when his budget was stripped from his arse in the Texas House. I guess s__t does happen when one makes a fool of himself like he did last week on a worldwide stage.

The House unanimously passed a budget. Maybe they ought quit while they are ahead and come home before the bad bills start passing. One thing is for sure, Guv Dude is going to be looking for bills to veto after the session just to get even and score some more right wing points.

Speaking of, the right wingers are going cwazy after seeing the pic of The President and Hugo Chavez smiling. Apparently, The President asked Hugo how come he gives us so much grief. Hugo replied that the devil made him do it.

Pam-In-Charge made the Chron today about what we are going to do with all of our baseball history. Check it out. If we do ever open a baseball museum of some sort, I guess they will want me to cough up the First Pitch Ball Commentary threw out last week so it can be put on display.

The Dean made a cameo at The Yard Friday night – that’s always a good thing. Brad “McLovin” Wray and Kristie made the KissKam Friday night – yikes!

Someone asked Commentary the other night quien es mas macho – The Little Pumas or Los Caballitos? My money goes on The Little Pumas. They are young, lean, hungry and in shape. Los Caballitos are older, always have a Bud Light in their hoofs, slightly overweight, and intoxicated with celebritydom.

Commentary set The Yard record yesterday by snagging three foul balls – all with my lid. I gave one to Dante, one to my Yard neighbors that sit behind me, and one to a soon to be Mom. Commentary will be heading to one of those big shot baseball luncheons thanks to the friendly folks at Fulbright today to hear what Drayton, Milo, Coop, GM Wade, and Tal have to say about being three and a half out. We should have won Friday and yesterday as we wind up the four game series with the Reds this evening.

April 20, 2009 9:00AM

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