By Marc Campos

Breakthrough and Birthdays

The local Dem Party is having a “Breakthrough Breakfast” to hear Dallas Dems tell us how they won in ’06. Looking at the invitation, it says Dallas Dems won because they had a “well planned, well funded, well executed effort.” I guess local Dems have forgotten to tell Commentary because I’m still kicking over rocks looking for the “well planned, well funded, well executed effort” meetings that are being held. I guess I’ll get up early in a couple of weeks and go check out the breakfast – I’ll sneak in.

Speaking of “well planned …..” – James Rodriguez and Jose Soto are having birthdays early next month. They’re having a joint party/fundraiser for James’ campaign for Houston City Council, District I – cool. Instead of gifts for the guys, write a check to James’ campaign. That’s pretty cool of Jose, who’s a player that Commentary listens to on the business of political campaigns and Astros baseball. Jose knows the political business and is one of James’ close advisors. Jose is one of those that you want on your side when you go into a political battle – period.

I’m not going to say anything about the Texans’ Number One Draft Choice that was driving his car 150 miles per hour last week. Wonderlich my a___! The Titans got them a real good QB in Vince and the Texans’ got a Grand Prix driver.

Commentary will swing by the yard tomorrow evening and mingle with the Parrotheads. I’ll stay away from that nasty Landshark brew they drink – yikes! Speaking of the Astros, they sure are entertaining us so far and Berkman’s bat still hasn’t come alive – stay tuned.

April 20, 2007 9:00AM

Daily Commentary