By Marc Campos

Carol's Bridge, Giveaway, DL, Day 4

One of my best friends finally had her groundbreaking for her bridge. Check out today's Chron. She's been working on that bridge for over 15 years. I heard her pitch the idea to my client-back-then, Mayor Bob, when he was running for mayor in 1991. You know, those folks out in Manchester - her neighborhood - wouldn't be getting that bridge if it wasn't for one of my best friends' dogged determination. She made it happen.

You see, a lot of railroad tracks make it difficult to get in and out of her neighborhood - especially when the trains are running. There is a lot of railroad traffic because they go in and out of the chemical plants nearby - and there are a bunch of chemical plants nearby. The bridge will solve that problem. Glad to see a good story written about one of my best friends and her bridge.

Beats Cap Night and Magnet Schedule Night. Talking about the airline tickets that were given away last night to all the fans that went to the Dallas Mavericks basketball game. 19,000 fans left the game smiling. At the Rockets game last night, they gave away T-Shirts and T-Mac was handing out free popcorn. This Saturday, the 'Stros will be giving away schedule mouse pads. Hey, the 'Stros definitely read Daily Commentary - they are now selling St. Arnold's beer at a stand by Union Station.

Speaking of the Astros, in case you haven't noticed, we've just put two pitchers on the disabled list - Brandon Backe and Trevor Miller - yikes!! We haven't even faced the Cards, Mets, Cubbies, or Braves - interesting.

Day 4 up in Austin and the doctors are on board and the Latino House Caucus is opposing and a bill is out of committee and the education community doesn't like the bill - watch out - the EDCOM might run someone against bill supporters next go around.

April 20, 2006, 9:00AM

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