By Marc Campos

Hey Cho!

America loves its guns Ė period. Thanks to the NRA, guns are here in the USA forever and beyond. OK, how about letting state governments be the only ones that sell them. Theyíll still be available, but at least under state control. There would be like a dozen gun warehouses throughout the state, kind of like Specís, where folks would go to buy their weapon of choice. Take the retail guys out of the picture. Face it, they havenít been responsible. Leave it to the state, so if things screw up and some nut gets a piece he/she should not have, we can at least take it out on our legislators. Think of all the money the state could make on gun sales, especially here in Texas. Heck, we could probably be able to give free college tuition to all of our students.

Hey Cho, where you going with that gun in your hand!

CEWDEM pointed out to me yesterday that the Chronís All-Star columnist is not even on the Chronís columnist web page anymore. It looks like heís out. Hey, I checked out the web page. Except for John Lopez from Sports, there arenít any Latinos Ė hey whatís up with that? Maybe Iíll let them borrow Daily Commentary every now and then.

Commentary canít say much, but the word is there will be a bigger Caballito presence at the yard when the team returns next week Ė stay tuned.

April 19, 2007 9:00AM

Daily Commentary