By Marc Campos

Weird Dude

Guv Dude has been living in Austin way too long. He’s definitely weird. If he really truly honestly decides to run for Lone Star State Governor again he’s toast. The race won’t even be about the issues. It will be about him staying around too long. He won’t even get out of his primary. He could solve the public school finance problem, eliminate the sales tax, give teachers a 100% pay raise, give all Texans a hundred bucks worth of lotto tickets and he would still get an adios you know what from the voters.

Commentary taped a segment for Channel 2 News on the Super Duper Dem Delegates yesterday morning. The segment will air during their 6 a.m. newscast tomorrow (Saturday) morning. Set your DVRs or TiVos and check it out.

Speaking of, the Lone Star State Dems get 3 so called “add-on” Super Duper Dem Delegates. “Add-ons” are supposed to be Dems that have served the Party with distinction. Since the Obama delegates will be running the Lone Star State Dem Convention, they get to do the picking. I hope they give one of the “add-on” slots to an Obama supporter like former Governor Mark White. He’s as good a Dem as there is.

Commentary is old. My God Daughter Lisette who now lives in Milwaukee informed me yesterday that she and her hubby Mike are going to be God Parents to their niece. My God Daughter is going to be a Madrina.

It turns out Miguel Tejada is 33 years young and not 31 like the ‘Stros media guide says. At least that’s what he says. He was born on May 25, 1974 not 1976. It just means he got to buy cerveza a lot sooner.

The Colorado Rockies beat the Padres in 22 innings last night in San Diego. They finished the game at 1:21 am California time. Willy T had 10 at bats. There were three seventh inning stretches. After the game, the Rockies hopped on a plane and headed for H-Town for a three game series that starts this evening at The Yard. I’m betting that they might be a bit tired tonight – at least let’s hope they are.

April 18, 2008 9:00AM

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