By Marc Campos

Primary Issues

If every state moves their Prez sweepstakes party primaries to February 5, we will in fact have a national primary day – that’s a fact. None of the Dem candidates will campaign in New York, North Carolina, Illinois, or New Mexico – for obvious reasons, so Texas along with California and Florida could in fact be hot beds of activity. Here’s a novel idea for Texas, why not take a chance that a winner will not be decided on February 5, then hold our primary in March – now that will really make us a player – just a thought.

H-Town’s Southwest Freeway bloggers got some good run in yesterday’s Chron. I bet the Houston City Council Talk Show Host wasn’t too happy with the article.

Correction: Thanks to Jerry Gs alertness, he caught my mistake yesterday. It was Mark Loretta, and not Craig Biggio, that threw out the Fish guy at home plate Monday night as he was trying for an inside the park dinger.

The yard reviews are in. The fajitas and St. Arnold’s beer are favorites near Section 132. Numero 45 is also a fan favorite. Numero 45 got some good run in today’s Chron. There was a piece on Los Caballitos. Maybe Pam-In-Charge ought to see if they can get someone to sponsor one of those promotion deals where they give out like 30,000 stick caballos to honor Numero 45 so we can all be Caballitos - great idea! BTW – Roy O. and Numero 45 went Fishing last night and came home with a nice catch.

April 18, 2007 9:00AM

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