By Marc Campos

A Wacko Job

It looks like Guv Dude has pretty much sewed up the Lone Star State’s wacko vote. Up until a couple of days ago I actually thought (I’ve said it here before) that Dude wouldn’t run for reelection. Now that he’s made himself and the Lone Star State the butt of jokes on late night TV, I’ve changed my mind. He will definitely risk dividing his GOP Party and the Lone Star State to avoid having to go out and find a real job.

If he knocks off Hutch in next year’s GOP Primary, which I think now looks better for him, he will pay such a hefty price that Dems chances of kicking his arse increase. He will be vulnerable because voters will know he is the reason for a state being divided, he’s saying some real stupid things, and the issue of a Governor serving for fourteen years will turn off voters.

CEWDEM sent out a piece last night about someone insinuating that H-Town Mayoral hopeful Gene Locke was flirting with being a DINO – Democrat In Name Only. Oh Brother! First of all, Commentary hasn’t picked a side yet. Gene Locke is as DINO as Commentary is DINO. Mickey Leland was one of his mentors and he really hasn’t changed much aside from the fact that he’s learned how to play insider politics. I think all the Dem Mayoral candidates will tell you that in order to win in 2009, they are going to need GOP votes. So that means they have to have GOP folks in leadership positions in their campaigns. You know, one of the reasons the GOP is in the ditch is that they shrunk their tent and kicked some folks out by accusing their own of being RINOs. Let’s don’t start a purge of our own and go down that road – please.

‘Stros fans don’t have to worry if the Lone Star State becomes a country or gets annexed by Mexico. Remember, MLB has a team in Toronto. It just means that we will just have to play two national anthems before the game (except when we have the Silver Boot series) and we won’t sing “God Bless America” on Sundays or other special occasions.

The Reds are in town to start a four game series tonight. Since we’ve been at The Yard (2000), we are 90-51 versus the Red. Last year we had a 12-3 record against them. Roy O who goes tonight has a 23-1 career record against the Reds. This is the 10th season at The Yard and 25 mil plus have showed up. It is Big Puma Bobbleheads, stadium blankets, and wall calendars this weekend. There will be a pre game tribute to Jackie Robinson tonight and Dante and Uncle Marc will make their season Sunday debut as the ‘Stros begin a ten game homestand.

April 17, 2009 9:00AM

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