By Marc Campos

Stinking Donuts

There’s a shortage of good donuts in H-Town this morning. ICE, errr La Migra, errr immigration officials raided the Shipley Donuts central warehouse yesterday morning and snatched up close to a couple of dozen donut makers, errr paperless folks. Good! We need to keep all the high paying donut making jobs for hard working Americans.

For over a year now the City of H-Town and the Houston Dynamo – our Major League Soccer team – have been in negotiations over who pays for a new soccer stadium. What is taking them so long? The City says it doesn’t want to contribute taxpayer dollars to the deal but will contribute money from other sources. Hey, that’s pretty cool! I guess the money from my old Monopoly set is worth something after all.

The Pope conducts a Mass at Nationals Stadium in D.C. today. I wonder if they’ll have a seventh inning stretch and sing “Take Me Out To The Ballgame.”

Commentary only caught the last few minutes of last night’s Hillary/Obama debate. I had less important things to do like watch Roy O. be Roy O. – finally. Sorry CNN, it’s the ‘Stros versus the Phillies at Noon today!

April 17, 2008 9:00AM

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