By Marc Campos

Another Experimental Dud

Remember when the local GOP had a plan to take over the Houston City Council? The local GOP Chair talked about it with a lot of swagger back then. Commentary now thinks the local GOP has quietly abandoned that goal. The proof is in the money, as in show me the money. The Latino GOP guy candidate that is fixing to get clobbered by Melissa Noriega raised less than a quarter of what Melissa raised. It looks like the local GOP money givers only gave the loose change they keep in their car consoles. Heck they give the valet guys more than what they are giving the Latino GOP guy. In the grand scheme of things you can’t be a Party that bashes Latinos and at the same time field serious Latino candidates, especially here in H-Town where a lot of us don’t take too kindly to Latino bashing.

Props and kudos go to Melissa Noriega and her folks for raking in the campaign dollars – she’s turning out to be an outstanding campaigner.

The Chron trotted out another columnist today. Today’s was better than Sunday’s. We’ll see.

The yard provided great excitement last night. Biggio gets two hits. Biggio threw out a Fish fella at home plate going for an inside the park dinger. Astros win in the bottom of the ninth - period.

April 17, 2007 9:00AM

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