By Marc Campos

Generals, Campaign Bucks, Showdown, Leon's Fence, Tolerant Tony?

Some folks have come out and said that it's not cool for retired generals to crack on CRummy. They say that retired generals aren't supposed to do these kind of things, errr, honestly speak their minds about W's war. Of course, these same folks didn't seem to care that Tommy Frank, another retired general, showed up at the 2004 GOP convention to endorse W.

The SA Express News just wrapped up a lengthy series on the influence of lobbyists and campaign buckos. It was a very informative series of articles. How come nobody ever writes or talks about campaign buckos in issue campaigns - school bond elections, city/county bonds, and stadium deals? Individual candidates can't accept corporate dollars, but it is OK for bond campaigns. Just another thought.

Well, it is showtime in Austin. What is going to be the priority - the kids or the '06 election? That's the $64,000 question. What about John Sharp? Is he a statesman? Is he collaborating with the enemy? Is he doing the right thing? Should we still consider him a good Dem? I kind of have a not so good feeling about how Dems will be approaching this special session. Something - maybe my gut - tells me that we may end up looking like obstructionists. We'll see in about 30 days, more or less.

Got to hand it to Chron columnist Leon Hale on his take on the proposed fence along the U.S./Mexico border - "I doubt we could build such a wall without illegal Mexican labor."

"Let's be honest, we all know Vito's not the first," said Tony Soprano about Vito being gay. I got the feeling last night that Tony doesn't want to wack one of his fellas for being gay. This a tolerant side of Tony that we haven't seen before. I doubt it will last. Glad you approve.

April 17, 2006, 9:00AM

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