By Marc Campos

San Francisco Words

It is not how you say it. Itís where you say it. A few weeks ago Obama was being hailed for his speech on race. Today he is getting nailed for his remarks in San Francisco. It looks like some nationally syndicated columnists are finally getting in their shots at Obama. Iím betting if the remarks had been made at a closed door fundraiser in Kansas City, Cleveland or Indianapolis it probably wouldnít have been as big a deal as it is.

Commentary said a couple of days ago that the botched K-Mart raid by the Houston Police Department would probably be an issue in November in the race for Harris County District Attorney. Ditto says todayís Chron lead editorial. The Chronís editorial also says that HPDís crime lab problems of the past will also be brought up. Commentary still canít figure out if these issues will even matter to Harris County voters that show up to the polls in November.

The ĎStros General Manager is a Catholic. Maybe he ought to take our closer Jose Valverde this afternoon from Philly to D.C. to get him a quick blessing from the Pope. It couldnít hurt. Valverde blew a three run lead last night in the bottom of the ninth that left me stunned. I wonder what Philly closer Brad Lidge was thinking when Valverde was tanking.

April 16, 2008 9:00AM

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