By Marc Campos

Experimental Dud

Whatever happened to the GOP’s Great Latino Experiment? Remember when they were going to be the Party of La Gente because we supposedly share the same values – yeah, sure.

Remember when they trotted out their GOP All Star Latino Team? Where are they now?

W’s Latino AG is under fire and it looks like the GOP faithful is deserting him. The Latino Ambassador to Mexico – aside from marrying one of Mexico’s richest women – he’s living in a country that the GOP faithful bash on a regular basis. Heck, thanks to the Texas Mini Men, he’ll have a tough time coming home. Meanwhile, the GOP’s former mayoral candidate in H-Town is stuck in some local county office doing nothing.

A GOP Latino is a city council candidate in the $4 Million Shelley Special and he’s fixing to get clobbered by Melissa Noriega. Melissa is even getting support from the GOP Latino/Latina community. The GOP faithful don’t seem to be too excited about their Latino candidate.

I guess you can say that the GOP’s Great Latino Experiment has been a miserable failure.

Speaking of GOP miserable failures, a study came out last week that says kids in abstinence classes aren’t doing their homework. It turns out they’ve been involved in extracurricular activities. It looks like their teachers will miss out on merit pay bonuses this year.

Hawaii’s Great Crooner, Don (expletive), died this past weekend. I can’t say his last name, don’t want Commentary’s sponsors to pull out in the post-Imus era.

The Chron trotted out one of their new columnists yesterday – should have been in the real estate section – yawn. Is that the best they can do?

Numero 45 had three dingers Friday night in Philly. The Fish are in town tonight. The roof will be open at the yard - looks like a lovely evening for baseball.

April 16, 2007 9:00AM

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