By Marc Campos

Party Crasher

Commentary needs to find out who’s in charge of telling The Kinkhole that his act isn’t wanted in the Lone Star State’s Dem Party Primary. He said yesterday that he’s running for Guv as a Dem. If it ends up being the K’Hole and Schieffer, the K’Hole will be making a lot of jokes linking Schieffer to 43. When the K’Hole gets his arse kicked next year, he’ll then go on the paid circuit dissing our nominee and the Dems and trying to get a few laughs in the process. The K’Hole won’t get very many mainstream Dem endorsements, but there will certainly be a few jokers, err local Dem elected officials that think it is cool to endorse this Kinkhole.

CEWDEM put out some stuff yesterday given to him by the folks over at Lone Star about a Name ID poll that had in order of who-knows-who the GOP Lite Guv, John Sharp, and the H-Town Mayor. Of course, when the Mayor first ran for Mayor in 2003, he didn’t have much name ID either. Of course this time, he has a record to run on, and a record that will be scrutinized.

A Border Czar will be announced today and he apparently is not a Latino. Commentary would have preferred a Latino to handle border stuff.

“Red, White, and Blue” is back on the air thanks to some pressure that was put on the local PBS station by some folks including the UH Board of Regents including Jacob Monty.

“Esquire” magazine had another list called “75 Books Men Should Have Read.” Commentary is only good on five of them – I don’t think there was single baseball book on the list. My five: “Steinbeck’s “Grapes of Wrath”, Twain’s “Huckleberry Finn”, Jack London’s “Call of the Wild”, Michael Herr’s “Dispatches”, and Norman Mailer’s “Naked and the Dead.” I have seen the movie version of a bunch on the list though.

The Star-Telegram says today that there is possibility that the Texas Rangers might have to be sold. If they do get sold, they get to own Nolan Ryan – cool.

Chron.com has a poll going on the best place to grab grub before a ‘Stros game. They list Cielo Mexican Bistro, Home Plate Bar and Grill, Hubcap Burger Grill, Irma’s Southwest, and Market Square Bar and Grill. They didn’t list Inn at the Ballpark, 17, Vic and Anthony’s, Picazo, Mia Bella, and of course the FiveSeven Grille at the Yard. I was checking out some of the grub at the FiveSeven – it looked pretty good to me.

62 years ago today Jackie Robinson took the field for the first time and today in his honor all of the players in MLB will wear his #42 – now that is cool. Commentary is not worried that we are only four games out because I’m thinking that every #42 that is wearing the Brick Red tonight in Pittsburgh will handle business.

April 15, 2009 9:00AM

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