By Marc Campos

Celebrating Baseball’s Best And Annie Get Your Gun

The best thing that ever happened to Major League Baseball happened sixty-one years ago today when Jackie Robinson took the field for the Brooklyn Dodgers.

“It’s Wonderful!” Obama got off a round Sunday when he accused Hillary of being Betty Hutton, errr Annie Oakley because Hillary said she used to shoot guns when she was a young gun, errr young’un. Hey it looks like she was only “doing what comes naturally.” Obama let her know that “you can’t get a man with a gun.” It was another day of “anything you can do I can do better, I can do anything better than you.” Like they say – “There’s no business like show business!” (FYI – Commentary inserted five tunes from “Annie Get Your Gun”, a pretty good Broadway/film musical.)

Speaking of, Obama got it right at least as far as Commentary is concerned. I’m sorta bitter too. Wiggington is on the DL. B-G-O doesn’t suit up anymore. Matsui still hasn’t played. J.R. Towles got his finger dinged. Hunter Pence is batting the interstate – I-80. I’m still clinging to my ‘Stros though.

At last count, there were 275 comments from readers on the Chron’s story on State Rep Borris Miles' problems. Commentary has never been a fan of the concealed weapon permit deal. I don’t know what is worse – being indicted on a couple of misdemeanor raps or getting your arse kicked by Al Edwards.

At H-Town City Hall today, Council Member James Rodriguez will present a proclamation to The Dream in honor of his recent selection to the Basketball Hall of Fame – that’s cool.

Michael Bourn and Cecil Cooper will be wearing Number 42 today in Philly in honor of Jackie Robinson. Major League Baseball retired the Number 42 a few years ago sorta – Yankee closer Mariano Rivera still gets to wear Number 42. The Phillies’ closer is our former closer Brad Lidge. He still wears the 54. I wonder if he’s “lights out” in Philly. We may find out – stay tuned!

April 15, 2008 9:00AM

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