By Marc Campos

Jack's Legacy,
W Does Read Newspapers

Commentary thinks he's a likeable guy - Jack Rains. He's a former Texas Secretary of State under GOP Governor Bill Clements, back in the 80s. He ran for governor of Texas. Most memorable gubernatorial campaign moment - had a big press conference to announce 12 point education plan but only listed 11 points - something like that - embarrassing headline.

He gets credit for coming up with the idea for the Texas State Capitol extension in the 90s. He was an OK chair of the Harris County - Houston Sports Authority. He has one of the biggest egos around. Sometimes Jack's ego rubs folks the wrong way.

In today's Chron, Jack continues to blame former Houston Mayor Lee P. Brown (a good Dem) and Harris County Commissioner El Franco Lee (also a good Dem) for replacing him as Chair of the Sports Authority. Jack has either a selective memory or is delusional. Jack, it was the Commissioners Court (3 GOPers and 2 Dems) that did you in, not Lee Brown.

Jack's a big GOPer and does not want to take on GOP commissioners. Hey Jack, stop being a cry baby. Enjoy the fact that you helped usher in a new era of Houston professional sports venues. Don't tarnish your legacy.

Remember when it was reported that W did not read newspapers. Not so. Also in today's Chron, W tells newspaper editors that he learned about proposed passport rules by reading the newspaper. No word on which newspaper W was reading.

April 15, 2005, 9:00AM

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