By Marc Campos

The Blue Light Special

Back in 2002, our Houston Police Department conducted a massive raid and arrested about 300 folks – mostly young folks – for supposedly watching drag racing on a public street. Most of those arrested were parked in a K-Mart parking lot. It was a botched HPD operation. Those that were arrested sued the City’s arse and now it looks like the City is going to settle the lawsuit which means the City of H-Town taxpayers will be coughing up the bucks. Commentary had forgotten that this even happened. Heck, there aren’t even any K-Marts in H-Town nowadays. Since this is an election year, figure on hearing a lot more about this blue light special.

CEWDEM sent out a deal over the weekend that said Al Gore and Jimmy Carter were going to come out and support Obama. Commentary doesn’t think that endorsements mean that much this year. I really don’t think that Dem primary' voters that still haven’t voted in places like Pennsylvania, Indiana, North Carolina, Kentucky or Oregon are holding their breath waiting to hear what Carter, Gore, Teddy, Oprah, Ellen, Elton, or Commentary have to say.

G-Man had a going away party Saturday night. He’s on his way to Austin to take on a new gig. One thing is for sure. He won’t be able to catch ‘Stros games in Austin. Commentary will take credit for giving him the G-Man name a while back. Good luck Gerard Torres! See you soon at The Yard!

Tiger played not so good golf and still came in second.

Commentary hates to say this but it looks like Sweet Marisa will no longer be with us. She is being replaced by Lady Lopez. Lady Lopez made her jumbotron debut at The Yard Saturday night and did A-OK!

Commentary stood in line to pick up a Hunter Pence bobblehead Saturday afternoon then ended up giving it away to a kid who got there too late to pick one up. The kid’s dad came up to me and wanted to buy it from me. I coughed it up for free – what can I say.

Yesterday was an absolutely gorgeous day at The Yard with plenty of sunshine and blue skies. We’re 5-8 and we still have not seen Matsui.

April 14, 2008 9:00AM

Daily Commentary