By Marc Campos

Hurricane Bill, U93, Santos' Pick

If you are from the Houston area or have friends or family living in the Houston area, next time you run into former Kemah Mayor Bill King, tell him thanks. The National Hurricane Conference gave him an award this week for all the work he has done in the hurricane evacuation business. When it comes to dealing with a plan to get the heck out of dodge when the big one approaches, Bill King is the man. Bill got a lot of the emergency management folks to rethink how they handle evacuation related decisions. Thank you Bill King.

I've been reserving comment on "United 93" - the movie. I've seen the trailer - it leaves you speechless. Some folks say it is too early for the movie to come out - less than five years since 9/11. The families of the crew and passengers have signed off on the movie. The cockpit tapes were played in a courtroom a few days ago. The transcripts were released. I'm going to see the movie.

So now that Matt Santos is on his way to the White House, what is he going to do about a VP? There really haven't been any characters that he can pick from. He can't choose any staffers. How about Arnie Vinnick? Just a thought.

April 14, 2006, 9:00AM

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