By Marc Campos

No CREO, Next, Cold Warriors, G.I.Dad

Hispanic CREO is a national pro voucher group, Latino of course. Word is they blew into H-Town the other day to sell their wares, errr nowheres. All indications are they were sent in by The Voucher King out of SA. It looks like they have an affiliation with The Voucher King. Meanwhile, The Voucher King’s front group, Texans for School Choice keeps sending out slick mail pieces. CREO and Texans for School Choice held a pro voucher rally a few weeks ago at the Texas State Capitol. Guys like The Voucher King think we – Latinos - are pendejos.

The Voucher King supports candidates that would be fine with doing away funding for public education and raiding existing public education dollars and sending them to a voucher bin. Hispanic CREO needs to get lost – they’re not doing anything positive to promote education in the Latino community. It looks like they are being used by The Voucher King.

Speaking of pendejos, don’t be surprised if Imus ends up in H-Town with a radio gig. There are probably some wannabee local meanies that are now worried about their own gigs now that Imus is looking for a job. Meanwhile, it looks like the next targets of those using the N-Word are certain artists, errr comedians and singer/musicians. It looks like just because you are African American, it won’t be OK to use the N-Word in public – that’s the way it is in the post-Imus era.

Moving the Texas Primary to the dead of winter is creeping along. Commentary wants to know why the Dem Party officers haven’t uttered a peep on what the Party position is on this matter to the Dem activists across the state. They haven’t told Commentary. Show me the Party’s position? Dr. Richard Murray, who knows more about this stuff than all of us put together, says a February 5, 2008 primary will significantly increase Dem Party Primary turnout – particularly if it is competitive and Hillary and Obama are on the ballot – that’s cool. Commentary, who knows a little about E-Day activities, thinks that the price of E-Day card pushers at the polls will go up, especially if it is freezing – call it hazardous pay – like $200 per person – yikes!!

Props go to Latino groups for getting the Documentary King to add Latino stories to his WWII PBS documentary. Now I got to get my Dad an audition.

Roy O. pitches tonight in Philly – it is definitely worth staying in on a Friday night!

April 13, 2007 9:00AM

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