By Marc Campos

Show Me The Columnist!

Commentary thinks the Chron needs a hard news columnist that will add some umph to their pages. They need someone that will write about stuff that’s about Houston – period. It’s OK to write about stuff in SA if it has a relationship to H-Town. It’s also OK to write about stuff in DC if it impacts H-Town. H-Town needs a columnist over at the Chron that folks will start talking about and look forward to reading. That’s missing today and that’s too bad. I think we’re the only big city without a big time hard news columnist – we deserve better.

Speaking of missing, it looks like Imus is going to be out of a gig. The Houston Talk Show Host Council Member better watch out, Imus might be offered his gig here locally. Meanwhile, don’t be surprised if the far righters now set their sights on rappers and hip hop artist – I think they are next.

Commentary doesn’t think much of lacrosse period. They don’t play much lacrosse in the hood. I couldn’t tell you if you get points, goals, runs, or pins on the scoreboard. I couldn’t tell you if they play with five, nine or eleven players on a team. I couldn’t even tell you if I get the Lacrosse Channel in my cable package. On CNN yesterday they had the Duke lacrosse guys live. They had the North Carolina AG on live CNN saying the lacrosse guys were innocent. How come when an African American has been locked up in prison for 15 years or so and DNA finds him innocent fifteen years later CNN doesn’t go live to the hood? What the heck were these Duke lacrosse guys doing anyway inviting over a couple of women to a party?

W is looking for a War God. W wants someone that’ll be in charge of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Let’s see now, we got us a Commander-in-Chief, a Secretary of Defense, a Joint Chiefs of Staff, a bunch of generals, and a bunch of admirals. Maybe he wants like a Bud Selig type guy – hey, we’ll call the person The War Commissioner.

The cost of saying “I love you” is fixing to go up if the Texas House has its way – yikes! You know, if the legislature can’t do right for our schools and teachers, for poor kids without insurance, for kids in the juvenile justice system, and so on – the last thing they need to do is get in the business of marriage counseling. You know, some studies say sex is also a contributor of failed marriages – I don’t know if I want a guy from Pampa, Texas telling me how to you know what – if you know what I mean.

Speaking of snow jobs, the Astros game was rained out yesterday in Wrigley because of a snow out. I wonder if Lidge took the day off to go see the yard whisperer – “I don’t know Doc, I just can’t seem to get it up, errrr my slider of course”…awwwww!



April 12, 2007, 9:00AM

Daily Commentary