By Marc Campos

The Draft, Cribs, First Boos, Dem Chair, Play Offense

Looks like the Texans are going to skip on Vince and go with Reggie. They want us to think that they are putting a lot of time and research into the draft thing and they will do what is best. In other words, the fans don't know squat. Don't buy that line. Remember, aside from the new head coach, this is an organization that has been dead wrong on a number of moves. They need to listen to the fans on this one. I just don't think that David Carr will take us to the promise land. They say that it didn't help that Vince messed up on the Wonderdude test. Hey, Reggie is a smart cool dude, but didn't he make a bonehead play when he tried to lateral the ball during the Rose Bowl - not too smart.

In case you haven't heard, the St. Louis Cardinals have a new crib - called Busch Stadium. The past few seasons, I've visited new cribs in Pittsburgh, San Francisco, Baltimore, Seattle, and Phoenix. I like Pittsburgh's yard the best. In 2000, I visited San Francisco's PAC Bell Park, errrr, SBC Park, errrr, AT&T Park. Looks like I might go check out Busch Stadium when the 'Stros go visit this summer.

Buckshot Dick threw out the first pitch in D.C. yesterday at the Nats' home opener - he didn't even reach the plate. He also got booed by the fans when he was introduced - awwww. Maybe it was the lid with the W on it.

What's up with the race for State Dem Chair? Have not heard anything. Is there still a race going on? Is the race over? Does anybody care?

Interesting. The TSU prez is beginning to make her case on her spending. Good for her. I kind of like her. Let's see if she can make her case.

April 12, 2006, 9:00AM

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