By Marc Campos

Silent Dems

Commentary has noticed that local Dems have been eerily quiet on the not so good run that Harris County Dem State Rep Hubert Vo has received in the Chron. There is another Chron article today plus an E-Board special. It seems like on the internet yak-off lines, local Dems have a take on every thing. In fact, most go out of their way to let you know their opinion on all kinds of stuff. Commentary has not heard a single peep coming out of the local Dem camp on this matter – nada – silence. Then again, what can you say?

Since a couple of the properties are in H-Town City Council, District I, Commentary drove by and checked them out – yikes! Don’t be surprised to see the local GOP hold a press conference there in the very near future. Of course, since they aren’t familiar with that part of town, they’ll have to plug in the old GPS gizmo to get there.

Maybe Dems are a bit exhausted, you know the two-step, the conventions, and OD-ing on CNN and MSNBC. Heck, now we are starting to get emails from Dem folks wanting support for National Delegate positions.

Tiger tees off later this afternoon and the ‘Stros are in action this weekend with 3 against the Fish. Roy O tonight, Hunter Pence bobblehead tomorrow, and hopefully Kaz Matsui on Sunday – heck, you gotta figure Matsui on the filed is better for him than sitting on his arse!

April 11, 2008 9:00AM

Daily Commentary