By Marc Campos

Vote, The Folks, 5 and 2

In Texas, the party runoffs are today - actually end today - please vote. If you are a Dem, please consider voting for Radnofsky for U.S. Senator.

Speaking of today, how come the Harris County Dem Party is having a lunchtime event today? Shouldn't they be minding the election? The local Dem Party is having a brown bag lunch to discuss the primary vote - maybe they know something I don't. I'll wait until all the votes are in today before I start discussing the primary vote.

There were a lot of folks marching yesterday in H-Town. The paletaria fella made a killing. So did the Old Glory manufacturers. I tried counting the marchers but gave up because I couldn't get folks to sit still. Which got me to thinking, how do they come up with the crowd estimates? The police departments are the ones that usually provide the crowd estimates, how do they do it? Is there a crowd estimate course that some police officers have to take? Families, young folks, older folks, workers, business folks, students, babies, moms, dads - ahhhh! I love the smell of activism in the community. Thank you mean spirited far right GOPers for that awesome wakeup call.

The 'Stros begin their first road trip tonight in San Francisco after a five and two homestand - well, maybe, just maybe.

April 11, 2006, 9:00AM

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