By Marc Campos

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Olympic Park - family planning clinic bomber Eric Rudolph is fixing to plead guilty to avoid the death penalty. Tough guy ain't so tough now. Sounds like another punk crook trying to save his own skin. To all those screwed up minds out there that gave this punk folk-hero status, how do you feel now knowing that your idol is cooperating with the feds? Better yet, how are you going to like knowing your survivalist is fixing to make some con a nice _____ - for life?

Poor sport. A bill has been introduced in Austin to do away with the Harris County - Houston Sports Authority. Houston Mayor Bill White and Astros owner Drayton McLane say the Sports Authority should continue to exist. Harris County Judge Bob Eckels wants to dissolve the local agency. Former Sports Authority Chair Jack Rains (an R) has weighed in via a letter to the Chron this past Saturday and says deep-six the Authority.

Jack's the guy that was not reappointed to chair the agency a few years ago. The Sports Authority Chair is appointed by the Harris County Commissioners Court and the Houston City Council. Both political entities have to approve. Well, Jack could not get the support from the Harris County Commissioners Court - a mostly Republican body. After the County said bye bye Jack. He then tried to get City Council to support him. If the County and City could not agree, then the Sports Authority members would vote for a Chair. The city wasn't in the mood to get into a stand-off with the County, so they too said sorry Jack.

Jack got mad. Actually, Jack became a sore loser. Rather than take his bows and gracefully fade away, Jack took it out on Dems like former Houston Mayor Lee Brown and some of Brown's staff aides. His ire was definitely misdirected.

He jumped on the Orlando Sanchez for Mayor bandwagon in 2001, and in fact, took control of the Sanchez campaign. This was going to be Jack’s way of getting even with Brown. Dude was too scared to take on the County Commissioners. Sanchez did not win and Jack did not get his payback.

FYI: Jack is the guy that negotiated a not so sweet suite deal at Minute Maid Park for the Sports Authority. The suite - located beyond the center field bleachers - is arguably the worst seat at the ballpark. The suite deal alone should disqualify Jack from Sports Authority existence debate. Commentary bets if Jack was still the Chair, he would be leading the charge to keep the authority. That's Jack.

Also FYI: The Sports Authority was at one time a client of Commentary.

Speaking of Minute Maid Park, when beer was a reasonable six and a half bucks, you bought a beer and handed over seven bills or a ten/twenty to the vendor, you sometimes let the vendor keep fifty cents - a generous tip. Now that ballpark brew is seven bucks, Commentary has noticed that fewer folks are handing over tips. Maybe it has something to do with forking over eight smackers for a Bud. Hey, peanuts are now four and a quarter, up from four bucks last year. Peanut dude, here's a five, keep the change. Beer vendors get hurt, peanut hawkers rake it in.

Astros are four and one. The Carlos Beltran - Pedro Martinez led Mets are one and five. They meet today at Shea Stadium.

April 11, 2005, 9:00AM

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