By Marc Campos

Mo Vo And Going Green

Harris County Dem State Rep Hubert Vo got some more very bad front page coverage in today’s Chron. According to the Chron, it looks like Vo has two more problem apartment properties in H-Town City Council, District I. Now the Chron is asking its readers to send in their problem apartment projects. Stay tuned!

H-Town’s immigrant advocates will conduct a Downtown march on Thursday, May 1 at 2 pm. It would be nice to see a huge contingent of Dems in attendance to show support.

It looks like the City of San Antonio is moving toward a cell phone ban while driving through school zones. The hands free gizmos will be allowed though.

Commentary watched the Golden Gate Olympic Torch Run, errr Drive, errr Walk yesterday on CNN. It was actually a high stakes game of political hide-and-seek. Like a whole lot of things that are available in the old U.S. of A., I wonder if the torch was made in China.

This weekend the City of H-Town unveils to the public the brand new shiny Downtown park called Discovery Green. The cost of the park is around $122 mil. It is located a few blocks from The Yard across the street from the George R. Brown Convention Center and the Hilton Americas Hotel. If Discovery Green is easy to access, meaning you don’t have to pay an arm or a leg in parking, then it will be successful.

On Tuesday, April 22, the ‘Stros will be playing the Padres and also celebrate the club’s “Play Green” campaign. The organization does a whole lot of recycling stuff. The players will wear green lids. Green lids and canvass grocery tote bags will be handed out to the first 10,000 fans that show up at The Yard that day. Since new closer Jose Valverde’s last name translates into “Green Valley” – I wonder if he’ll get to throw out the first pitch, go back to the bullpen and then maybe come back in the 9th and throw the last pitch. Now that’s what I would call an environmentally correct pitching decision.

46 years ago today, the Houston Colt 45s made their Major League Baseball debut and played their first game ever against the Chicago Cubs in Colt Stadium. The Colt 45s won 11-2. Last night, ‘Stros pitchers Oscar Villarreal and Dave Borkowski tried to out macho Albert Pujols and Pujols responded with a couple of dingers. It probably didn’t help matters that ‘Stros pitcher Brandon Backe had words with Pujols before the game over Pujols taking out ‘Stros catcher J.R. Towles at home plate Monday night.

Last night wasn’t a total loss though. Commentary took McLovin and he snagged a foul ball. “Si Se Puede” also was flashed on the giant scoreboard – cool.

Speaking of, Tiger Woods tees it up this morning in Augusta.

April 10, 2008 9:00AM

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