By Marc Campos

Zero Tolerance Double Standard

Commentary, Al Sharpton and others all think that Imus ought to hang up his microphone. Some say folks that talk that way ought to be banned from the airwaves. How about all the folks that drop the N-Word, the F-Word, and the other letter words in tunes or stand-up, should they be run off of the airwaves? How far do we go with zero tolerance? If Imus gets more than a two week sentence, are we giving the hate mongers ammo when those that don’t look like Imus drop the N-Word in an act on the tube or on the radio? Is this a case of you better watch what we ask for – I dunno.

Props go to Roger Clemens for signing up with “Raise Your Hand”, the pro public education group here in Texas. “Raise Your Hand” opposes vouchers and advocates for full day kindergarten. I wonder if the pro voucher group has a current or future Hall of Famer on their side.

The GOP fella that is running against Melissa Noriega in the Shelley $4 Million Special is boasting a lot of GOP support on his website. Guess who is missing from the list of supporters – Shelley. Of course, he’s got a picture of him and Shelley on his website, but is the $4 Million Shelley supporting him?

Numero 45 has some fans out in let center field that run around on those little stick ponies every time El Caballo gets a hit. They went crazy after he hit a dinger Saturday night. I think they call themselves Los Caballeritos – cool. Commentary’s great nieces and nephew Rebecca, Abby and Luke, sis Aida and hubby Bobby, nieces Vero and Becky, and nephew Mike, all made their yard debut this past weekend. Pam-In-Charge provided the cupcakes. Well it looks like Brad Lidge has lost his closer job. I think he needs to go see the yard whisperer.


April 10, 2007, 9:00AM

Daily Commentary